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“Following nearly 15 years of struggling with anxiety, which has created a lot of difficult times, and caused me to take medication, my life has finally been turned around by the wonderful therapy that Desiree has provided to me.
It has been literally life changing. I know I am still going to have to face challenges in life but I am now better equipped to cope and even thrive. Unlike previous therapists and Doctors I have worked with, Desiree identified the right therapy for me and guided me step by step through the modules and approaches.
You have to be prepared to keep an open mind, do the work that is provided, and accept the more you put in, the more you will get out. In my case having struggled for so long I am on a journey, not a sprint, but the road is now one I am inspired to be on and it feels good.
I highly recommend Desiree. She has many years of clinical practice and experience in a lot of areas of psychology, to help you develop a framework and set of practices that will help and support you to overcome your challenge.”
Edward, 29th June 2020

"I first met with Desiree after my partner had died from cancer. I was struggling to accept his passing but through working with Desiree I was able to get to a place of acceptance.
I felt that Desiree truly listened to everything that I said and I found that she provided me with invaluable tools and techniques to cope with what were dark days.
In addition to my grief, I have also found that we have worked on other important areas of my life including dealing with my inner critic and also being effective at work. I have very much enjoyed working with Desiree on these aspects.
I have found that she has a broad knowledge of therapy techniques as well as ideas from other cultures that have provided me with great insight as well as useful practices that I have adopted in my daily life.
Beyond the wealth of knowledge and depth of experience that Desiree brings, she is a deeply caring and passionate therapist.
I feel stronger and I am living a more wholehearted life because of Desiree." Nicola, 26th November 2019

HT Testimonial

Today’s Date: 1 June 2021
Practitioner Name: Desiree Scarpellini
Service: individual Therapy
Context: self-referral
Rate the service: 5/excellent
Rate the Therapist: 5/excellent
Desiree is a wonderful therapist. She helped me overcome a struggle and gave me the tools to take forward to stay healthy. She is non-judgemental, thoughtful, caring and engaged, with a wealth of experience, insight and practical approaches that, for me, have been very impactful. Highly recommend.

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